Tuesday morning and evening yoga classes are back!


Refresh, Relax, Revive with Yoga Alive
What to expect in a typical yoga class at Yoga Alive..
  • Activations – These are simple, fun, flowing movements to warm the muscles and prepare the body, a bit of a wiggle and a jiggle!
  • EBRs – Energy Block Release Sequences..gentle stretching, twisting and bending movements that work on every part of your body.
  • Postures and sequences – Specific yoga postures and sequences with therapeutic benefit for the body mind and emotions.

  • Breath work – synchronising movements with breath awarenesss calms and stills the mind. Sometimes there is a specific focus on special breathing exercises
  • Relaxation – the class rounds off with a guided deep relaxation to settle the energy and send you away feeling relaxed, refreshed and balanced!

What will I need to bring?
  • A yoga mat for practicing on
  • A cushion or small folded blanket for comfort in sitting and lying
  • A bottle of water to stay hydrated
  • Wear comfortable clothes, loose or stretchy is generally best
  • A warm layer to put on, or a blanket to snuggle in for the relaxation

Who are these classes suitable for?

Yoga Alive sessions are open to all levels of experience and all bodies. This is an inclusive and friendly class, so whether you are totally new to yoga or have been practising for years, you are most welcome. Whether you are fighting fit struggling with fatigue, chronic pain and recurrent ill-health you are welcome at my classes. Come just as you are!


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